(Online or in person)

60 mins


An individually planned Quantum Healing programme personalised for your needs. Whether you are wanting to heal from addictions, reduce stress, combat complacency, bad habits or needing focus to achieve a goal. Guidance on continuing with some techniques at home as well as nutritional advice for optimum results are also given. Activations are performed through the consciousness to collapse out any negative energy your subconscious mind may be retaining. The added luxury of the Tibetan Singing Bowls allows the body to receive and absorb positive energy and mobilises self healing.  


(Online or in person)

90 mins


The intention of this workshop is to collapse out negative behaviours or addictions that are no longer serving you. We will use a combination of techniques proven to raise your vibration. Only from this elevated state can we begin to reprogram the subconscious mind and replace the unwanted behaviours. Thus enhancing your daily life new vibrant ones.

My signature CardioCalmConnect Workshops include:

Yoga asanas

Dance routine

Pranayama – breathwork

Activation – a type of meditation

as well as an in depth talk on the subject matter of the topic or addiction.

Yoga asanas prepare the body physically by properly oxygenating specific parts of the body. This brings consciousness into the areas of the body essential for recognizing where the negative emotions are stored. These stuck emotions may be residing as physical pain or symptoms. 

Dance is the bridge between the consciousness and physical. It allows us to release those trapped emotions through expression of the body. Through music we connect the body and mind with contentment and freedom. People who find dancing uncomfortable are happily brought out of their comfort zone thus increasing self esteem and most importantly lifting our Vibration.

Pranayama is a way to usher in fresh energy into the body through the vehicle of the breath. Different varieties of respiratory gasping are practiced to invigorate the body and clean out the lungs. It helps to focus the mind and stop the negative 'tapes' from playing over and over. It prepares the mind and body for The Activation.


Activations are a form of meditation that help us to expedite feelings we may be struggling with ourselves. We may not even realise there is an issue. It helps to organise body and mind energy positively so we can live a more vibrant life.

Other themes include:

-Increasing Willpower

-Healing from Addictions

-Achieving Goals

-Spiritual Enlightenment