"I will always bless the day that I started your class, because the problem I had with my back congenitally which was always painful to the extent that I could not stand at my sink without reaching for my belt. Or without having to look for seats when I go to out. This is now a thing of the past, and I have been exercising for years."

John Suchet

"Lucie, thank you for helping to keep me in shape while I wrote this!" - Talking about his book The Last Waltz

Dave Greatoex

"I feel fitter, stronger and healthier as a result of my exercises with Lucie. I was struggling with my golf but I'm now playing some of the best golf of my life."

Ann Greatorex

"Lucie does everything for my wellbeing. I feel fitter and stronger. She fully understands what my body needs."

Tony Helme

"Thanks to Lucie I have kept moving and mobile over the past five years."