The Feminine Rising Event:

Excavating Your Empowered and Sacred Feminine


Lucie Ferrao


Sonja Evans


Gila Nehemia

This event is postponed until further notice

Online Zoom event

Rev Sonja Evans is an energetic alchemist, Sophianic Oracle, author, teacher, and ascension coach, specializing in healing inner child and relationship trauma, psychic and energetic protection, recovery from Narcissistic Abuse, and personal empowerment and sovereignty through Embodiment of One's True Essence.

She has supported hundreds of people from all over the globe in finding freedom from ancestral, karmic, and childhood programming through her work at 10 of Cups Ministries, Sophia Returns, and as a guest speaker in multiple podcasts throughout the years.  Sonja's passion is assisting others in anchoring onto their organic timeline and finding their keys to the doors off of looping patterns.

Gila Nehemia is a Divine Feminine healer, Writing Empowerment coach, poet, author, and spiritual heart guide. She guides you to intuitively access sacred energy and words to live a limitless life of unconditional love. Her mentoring focuses on releasing the old story and writing your new story, trusting your internal GPS, intuition, body, and heart. Her guidance helps you to increase awareness of your own divine body and heal traumatic wounds through writing, meditation, movement, breathwork, and self-affirmations.

The types of trauma that Gila can help you heal from and release are PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to bereavement), and chronic trauma such as bullying, domestic violence, child and sexual abuse.

Gila’s authentic inner heart-healing empowers you to live a divinely erotic blissful life.

Lucie Ferrao is the creator of the 'Cardio Calm Connect' method. She is known for teaching people some unconventional ways of raising their Biology's Vibration by facing and digesting their emotional and physical pain through Consciousness. Dancing is the food of the Soul. She will show you how to incorporate Pranayama from 5000 years ago together with moves and music from this century. Making your Energy high enough to reach Enlightenment!

Day 1

Saturday, May 15th 2021

10AM - 3:30PM EDT

Raising your Body's Vibration

Saturday, May 15, 10 AM EDT

with Lucie Ferrao


We as women always put ourselves last when it comes to nurturing and taking care of us as an individual. I am going to get you to raise the Vibration of your body by talking about what we ingest. I will be revealing both Scientific and Spiritual beliefs around the consumption of food and drink whilst also divulging information about Genetically Modified Foods and how they interfere with our Spiritual Growth.

We will spend 30 mins dancing, using some Pranayama techniques nestled together with some current music and moves. This will invite in the energy that is already present in the field, such as abundance and Self love.

We will end with 30 mins of Yin Yoga to get us in a blissful state. This Feminine style is very gentle and revitalising. It is well documented that women struggling with Energy issues practice this type of yoga.

Intimacy and Pleasure with Self

Saturday, May 15 at 12 pm EDT

with Gila Nehemia

Many of us have spent years pleasing others and forsaking pleasure for our bodies, mind, emotions, and spirituality. In this session, we will explore joy through orgasmic breathing, intuitive writing, and tonal singing to feel more pleasurable in our bodies. 


As we release the stories within, we open up to the joy and honest intimacy with self. In a safe, sacred container, we will invoke the Divine through prayer and meditation. Within each exercise, we will take the time to check-in and connect with your body and heart wisdom to learn and practice a release of old patterns of behavior, thinking, and expressing that do not serve you to receive joy and intimacy within—a wonderful passageway leading to the doors of the metaphysical.

The Metaphysics of Receiving: Allowing God/

Source to Give to You

Saturday May 15 at 2:00 PM EDT

with Sonja Evans

The Divine Feminine aspect of our consciousness fuels Divine Receptivity, which is our ability to allow, receive and accept in our lives.  That good can be anything from more financial prosperity, intuitive guidance, love and support...anything!  However, there are core wounds and other inorganic templates that shut down this ability and perpetuate lack, or lock down on timelines of what we don't want.  In this workshop we will explore those programs and templates, their origins, and most importantly clear them in a powerful group activation to begin to break down what binds us from one of the most Blessed Aspects of our Feminine Essence.

Day 2

Sunday, May 16th 2021

10AM -3:30PM EDT

Connecting with the Universe

Sunday, May 16, 10 AM EDT

with Lucie


On day two I will talk about the our connection to the world around us. How we became so disconnected from Source and how this leads us to addictive behaviours. This is particularly close to my heart as I used discipline and Self Worth to overcome my addictive behaviours.

The Dancing on this day will incorporate kapalabhati - breath of fire to jump start the solar plexus. Turning on our sacral chakra with magical hip movements and touching and caressing Mother Earth.

The Yoga will focus on Sun Salutations, Crescent and Half Moon postures. We will also focus on squeezing the lower chakras and releasing that which is physically stuck in our bodies so we may open up our energy centres and feel ready to receive Sonja and Gila's words of wisdom.

Safety and Desire in Relationships, the Wholeness of Expression

Sunday, May 16 at 12 PM EDT

with Gila

The media portrays relationships, sexuality, and intimacy in ways that do not always resonate with our hearts and soul. This session deconstructs the mind control and dark sides of sexuality to accept our wholeness. We explore our personal why behind our "resistance" to true sovereignty and freedom in our intimate relationships. Deep connection and sexuality are portals of creation within and without. Receiving those portals allows us to transform in infinite ways. Lastly, we will end with an open discussion and writing exercises that include creating conscious relationships by accepting our wholeness. This session prepares you to step into your full Divine Feminine power in Sonja's session.

Stepping into Our Power As the Divine Feminine

Sunday, May 16 at 2:00 PM EDT

with Sonja

There is so much talk in spiritual circles about the Feminine Stepping into Her Power, but what exactly does that mean and how do we accomplish this?  What does the Empowered Feminine truly look like and how do we truly Step into It?  We will dive deep into this topic to provide you with the keys for unlocking your own power and also experience a group energetic process to update and recode your own "Power Centers" and Feminine Architecture within your Lightbody!



"Sonja you are truly gifted! The service you provided was just what I needed. I instantly felt an energetic shift. I felt much lighter and more positive, no longer drained and more like my 'usual' self...I can't thank you enough!"


- Agatha


“I would like to extend my love & gratitude to you & for YOU! As you have helped me immensely with your guidance & activations. Since following your work, I am finding that I am feeling like a weight is lifting off my shoulders & I am feeling more and more aligned…. I can truly say that you have changed my life”


- J Draham


“I feel like each time I come to sessions with Gila I’m getting wiser. Gila brings so much knowledge and empathy to me. She helps me to build my trust and belief in the universal powers! It’s so great to share that I feel safe and protected! Thank you for giving me answers and tools on how to live a better life!”


- Gala Kapoya, Israel


“I practice presence to shift my reality and working with Gila kept me on my toes!

I realized the uncomfortable feelings that arise in me as a consequence of an event outside of my control is what requires my attention and healing! Listening to my body's energy flow and following it! I try my best to ensure the old stories are not holding me back when a new possibility presents itself in my relationship. I’m trying my best to be present and enjoy as the present moment unfolds.”


- Neelam Singh, Expert Nutritional Health and Holistic Wellness Coach, USA


"I attended Lucie's workshop regularly. Since then I have noticed that my back pain has decreased dramatically and I am now able to perform day to day tasks without the excruciating pain. I appreciate Lucie not only for the relief but also the routines are great fun!"


- Maria York


“I attended a few of Lucie’s CCC workshops. I really love the information she shares in the beginning. She has a way of finding information and research that allows me to learn something new every time. The dance is always great fun! It keeps every one in the moment, laughing and enjoying themselves. We then begin to wind down with yoga and meditation. I always feel amazing afterwards. I love Lucie’s CCC workshops and can’t wait to have them again!”


- Chanté Marie, Director of enChanté

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